The famflows (Family Flows project)

Famflows project

What is it?

The famflows project is simply an accounting program used to track "flows", either entering or exiting the house.

It is based on a particular type of "double entry" accounting: everything that enters the home must be exchanged with something that exits. The things that enter or exit the home can be material or immaterial or even anti-material.

Is it good for me?

Well, I don't really know. I can say that it is good for me, probably it will be good also for you, maybe you can try: it's free, anyway.

State of project and roadmap

Famflows is still in pre-alpha stage: the model and the database schema are fixed but I am still implementing the basic functionalities.

Famflows was started in January as a Java/Swing application and it used Mercurial as the Version Control System. It is still visible in the project space. After some time I decided to rewrite it in C using the GTK+ toolkit.

I hope to release a first usable version during May 2009.


As Famflows is still in heavy development phase the documentation is a bit geared towards developers. In any case I have roughly divided the documentation in three parts: a CommonDocumentation which is of common interest. If you are going to use famflows as end-user or as a developer (or both) you should read this part.

Then there is a (small) UserGuide

Then there is a Hacking documentation, used to know the details of the program.

System requirements

Any unix/gnu/linux system should be good. FamFlows uses the common autoconf/automake programs to have a customized build

For now famflows does not have an installer. Simply download the tarball and do the usual: configure, make, make install procedure.


Famflows depends on the GTK library and Sqlite3 library.


GPL version 3 or above.


You can contact me using the address: lino TOD ferrentino TA alice TOD it ( Of course TOD = DOT, TA = AT);


Please go to the project's web space in SourceForge


Please go to the project's web space in SourceForge.


I thank Sourceforge for the kind and generous hosting of my project.

Copyright (C) 2009 Pasqualino Ferrentino

This entire site can be distribuited freely under the terms of the Gnu Free Documentation Licence.

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